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Case name


Case number

KTO 3/14

Number of victims


Persons indicted


Rank(s) of person(s) indicted

lower military

Indictment date

Case stage

second instance judgment

Duration of proceedings since trial commencement

2 years 10 months

Witnesses examined


Date and outcome of the first instance verdict

Judgment of acquittal

Date and outcome of decision on appeal

Judgment of acquittal

Date and outcome of verdict in new trial


Criminal offence

war crime against civilian population under article 142 (1) of the FRY Criminal Act

Background facts

The incident relevant to the indictment occurred on 2 September 1992, amidst an ongoing armed conflict in the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Parties to the conflict were the Republic of Srpska's Army on one side, and the BH Army and Croatian Defence Council on the other. According to the Prosecutor's charges, АА - at the time serving at Military Post 2379 (7252) in Gradiška - took the life of civilian BB in Bok Jankovac, a site in Gradiška municipality located on the outskirts of the communal dump. In the vicinity of the local bridge over the Sava river, AA removed BB from a bus and forced him towards a passenger car parked nearby. Already seated in the front part of the car were VV (the driver) and GG. The accused pushed BB into the rear of the car and took a seat next to him. The car then drove to Bok Jankovac, where the accused and BB got out, whereas VV and GG - in compliance with AA's instructions - drove back to Gradiška. Having remained alone with BB at the site, AA killed the victim in an undetermined manner. Several days later, BB's body was found a short distance away from the right Sava bank.

Procedural remarks

The District Court in Banja Luka referred this case to the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor.