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Indictment date

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 47.1 of the Law on International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, we regulate according to the laws of the RS the confirmed indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina number KT-RZ-82/09 dated 28 October 2009, based on Article 43.2 (5), Article 331.1 and 2 and Article 332 of the CPC and Article 3 and 4.1 of the Law on the Organization and Competence of State Authorities in War Crimes Proceedings, and we are raising an

I N D I C T M E N T  


            АА, alias “........”, father’s name... mother’s name... born in..., born on... in the municipality of... , at the address of..., Republic of..., UCIN…, nationality of..., citizen of...,

            as there is reasonable doubt that: