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UN Mission to Kosovo (UNMIK)


On 11 November 2004, the War Crimes Prosecutor hosted the UNMIK judicial delegation headed by Jean-Christian Cady, the UNMIK Deputy Secretary General's Special Representative in charge of judiciary and police, and Thomas Monaghan, Head of the UNMIK Justice Department. In accordance with the agreement reached during the meeting, the Serbian judicial authorities will be allowed to examine witnesses residing in the KM territory, whereas their UNMIK colleagues will be authorized to do the same in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

On several occasions, the UNMIK Police provided logistic support to members of the Serbian judiciary, specifically to a deputy prosecutor and an investigative judge as they visited Kosovo in order to examine Albanian witnesses.

The Offices of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor and UNMIK Prosecutor have been working together on Cut-Off Heads, a case addressing a 1999 war crime against a group of Yugoslav Army members doing their mandatory military service at the time. The youths were captured and subsequently beheaded by the special KLA unit known as Black Eagles. The perpetrators' whereabouts are in the KM territory, while all relevant witnesses are residing in Serbia proper. Interviews with those likely to assist in the clarification of this incident have been jointly conducted by the UNMIK investigative authorities and the Serbian deputy prosecutor in charge of the case.